Delivery Information

Price per package is 380 RSD. Delivery payments ht ate when delivering packages on your in address along with the ransom package. 

Delivery on the territory of the Republic of 

We send our shipments in Serbia by the BEX courier service . 

The usual delivery time is two to five working days from the time of ordering.  

Deviations and extensions may occur if the consignee is not at the address on the first delivery attempt, bad weather conditions or any other unforeseen transport situations beyond the control of the carrier or seller. 

Delivery is on weekdays from 8:00 to 16:00. For delivery, it is possible to specify a different address from the one where you live, e.g. workplace address. Delivery is not made on Saturdays and Sundays.  

If the recipient is not at the address, and after receiving the notification of the attempted delivery, you can call the courier service at the number that will be listed on the notification and agree on the place and time of delivery that suits you best.

The buyer is obliged to provide the exact amount of the ransom.

For all purchase orders, we charge a single price of the courier service in the amount of 380 dinars. Delivery may be free of charge in the event of a free delivery action. 

In specific circumstances, the courier service reserves the right not to deliver indoors if there is an assessment that the courier's health may be endangered.

Free delivery

Delivery is free for any purchase amount for the duration of the free delivery promotion.

Shipment status

You can check the status of the shipment on the panel within my account (it is necessary to make a purchase beforehand via the created account on the site and not as a guest).

Undelivered packages If the package is not delivered, the seller reserves the right to cancel the order without resending

Delivery abroad

Shipments outside Serbia are sent by Post or by agreement exclusively to individuals.

Payment for orders from abroad can only be made with payment cards. The same rules that have already been stated apply to this type of payment from abroad.

The price of a shipment abroad is 2200 dinars (~ 20 euros).

Expected delivery time may take 3 to 10 business days.

Note: preparation of the order for sending abroad takes from 1 to 5 working days. Delivery time is valid from the moment of sending.